Monday, January 25, 2010


I posted over at Criticlasm my reason for undertaking this, inspired by "The Last Station" and a desire to read a book that people have loved for over a century. So, here's my one chapter a day reading of "War and Peace".

And since it has 365 chapters, well, that's an invitation to something like this.

Chapter a day, I am hoping, rain or shine. Even if it's only to say "wow, they's a lotta guns and fighting in the nineteenth century".

Hopefully, I'll have something more to say than that. Will I do the blogger confessional thing and write about analogous things in my life? Who knows.

All I can do is read and put down my impressions. I'm looking at a nice round date, like February 1st. Or maybe, I'll just start. Yes, that's better. No time like the present.

And what I love about blogs is that I could read a few chapters at once, and then post date them! Oy, that's probably not in the spirit of the exercise. I'll aim for an entry a day.

One chapter a day, one day at a time. Bedtime reading and writing.

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