Friday, March 12, 2010

Volume I, Book II, Chapter XXI

The aftermath. Rostov stumbles upon Tushin's company, and is given a seat in a gun they are pulling. His pain in his shoulder is unbearable, but he's not bleeding. He might be delirious.

Andrei comes to the defense of Tushin, who is called in front of Bagration to answer for the loss of two guns. Other officers, like Zherkov, are taking credit for seeing or doing things they didn't. The staff officer who left Tushin and turned tail pretends like he was there. Andrei stands up and tells the General that it is Tushin who has saved the day.

"Thank you, dear heart, you rescued me" Tushin said to him.
Prince Andrei looked at Tushin and, saying nothing, walked away. Prince Andrei felt sad and downhearted. All this was so strange, to unlike what he had hoped for.

Nikolai, meanwhile is out by the fire, feeling alone and lost, wondering why he had ever come. He is laying outside in the snow, remembering the warmth of home.

They're sad, our boys. Character seems to be defined in loss, and glories of war aren't glories unless you've won.

End of Part II!

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