Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Volume I, Book III, Chapter XII

War council. Andrei is there. And Kuzutov sleeping, and Weyrother (Austrian) boring everyone with a plan for battle that takes over an hour to explain in endless detail (Tolstoy writes the beginning of it and German and then leaves off). The generals disagree somewhat, with it being suggested that they don't really know what Napoleon will do, so it's all possibly a waste of time.

Andrei leaves after midnight, and is struck when he is back at his encampment that he could die tomorrow. He wonders, since he has a plan no one has let him share, if he will die from someone else's wrong idea. He starts to feel sad about his life, but then realizes he would give up everything for a moment of glory. He fantasizes a bit about winning the battle, and then promotions, and then...

Tomorrow is the battle.

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