Friday, May 7, 2010

Volume II, Book II, Chapter XV

Rostov returns to the Pavlogradsky regiment, and is as happy to be there as he was to return to his family. A sense of relief, as the life is so strict and regimented, and he can't make mistakes as he did in the world.

I never had realized the route of "regimented", meaning strict and planned. Nikolai is happy that life in the regiment is as planned as it is. A regiment is regimented. Kind of a "duh" moment there, but I hadn't seen the military root.

Anyhow, in April the regiment camps out near a nearly completely deserted German village. The villagers have nothing, and even though there is money there is no way to buy anything. The soldiers are starving, but all goes on as before. The horses eat the hay off the roofs of the houses, and are skinny, emaciated. Still there is roll call and such.

Denisov and Rostov are just as close as they were, and Denisov saves Nikolai from dueling with a man who insults him - Nikolai saved a young Polish girl, her father, and her baby from starvation in a nearby town, putting them up in his quarters. The man makes a remark that the Polish woman should be introduced to them all. Nikolai gets angry and explains the woman has become like a sister to him. Denisov responds "It's your chgrazy Ghrostov bghreed"..and Rostov noticed tears in Denisov's eyes.

Denisov is a sensitive fellow at heart, too. I feel bad about his failed proposal to Natasha, but as delighted as he must have been by her, I think he's in love with the family. I hope he finds happiness.

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