Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Volume II, Book III. Chapter V

Andrei and Speransky. I'll fill in the details demain.

Andrei meets with Speranksy, in a large group of men. Speransky it described in odd terms – alien almost, and definitely weak physically and aware of his power. Andrei’s impression - ”In no one had be seen this calm and self assurance of clumsy and obtuse movements, in on one had he seen such a firm and at the same time soft gaze of half-closed and slightly moist eyes, such firmness of a totally meaningless smile, such a thin, smooth, soft voice, and, above all, such a tender whiteness in the face and especially of the hands, somewhat broad, but extraordinarily plump, tender, and white.”

He is slow, aware of all around him but keeps the gaze of whoever he is speaking to. He knows what’s going on the room. He and Andrei have an interesting conversation, in which he makes it clear he knows who Andrei is from having freed his serfs, and that he is a liberal of the type they’d like to be allied with.

Andrei disagrees with him a bit about the ruling of the nobility, but still Speransky says they will finish their conversation later, invites him to lunch and ducks out. It’s clear he has some respect for Andrei – indeed that Andrei is who he came into the room to meet. Andrei meanwhile, has accessed more power after what he’s gone through. He is seeing with more mature eyes.

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