Monday, July 5, 2010

Volume II, Book IV, Chapter II

Nikolai calls Mitenka out on a mistake, and kicks him outside. He's taking things into his own hands. The count tries to tell Nikolai that Mitenka just carried 700 roubles to the next page, and didn't do anything, but whatever Nikolai wants to do he's right. Nikolai apologizes. The counts says he knows cards, but damn these muzhiks (peasants) and their carrying over. Nikolai rips up a promissory note for two thousand roubles from Anna Mikhailovna and Boris since they were poor and they're friends. Then Nikolai goes out to hunt to carry on his father's tradition.

I can't feel to good about their prospects. I have a bad feeling about that promissory note - I think Boris will marry rich and help them in no way at all. And though Nikolai has more bluster, it's clear he's just as senseless about money as his father. Oh, Rostovs - good hearts, but I'm fearing for your wallets.

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