Sunday, July 25, 2010

Volume II, Part IV, Chapter XIII

Oh, the countess is not happy. The count is unhappy, since he knows that if he wasn't such a bad manager of his affairs and being robbed by Mitenka, then they wouldn't be in the position they are in.

So the countess is outright mean to Sonya, and Nikolai almost says something he'll regret forever. He threatens to get married in secret. The count goes to Moscow to sell the estate with Sonya and Natasha, and Nikolai goes back into the army. Natasha's too sad to write to Andrei any way but perfunctorily.

Well, this is just a sad ending to this part. We're into part five next, and I'm hoping that we get some of this out of the way. It's not looking good. I think war might come in between here. But I'm really sad for the Rostovs. I know I should be rooting for Nikolai, but he's so clueless it's a little challenging. He even knows a bit about the finance, but living with his head in the sand like his father. Sigh.

The writing, as always, is beautiful.

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