Saturday, July 24, 2010

Volume II, Part IV, Chapter XII

Nikolai drive Sonya back, since Natasha who "always saw and noticed everything" arranged for it to be just the two of them and two maids.

When they get back, Sonya is very excited, as is Natasha. Natasha speaks to Nikolai about how only recently their mother expressed her displeasure at the match.

Sonya and Natasha go to their rooms, and play a game where they look for their loves in the mirror. Natasha sees nothing, but Sonya feels pressure and lies and says she does. Natasha thinks it's Andrei, who they were looking for, and Natasha peppers her with questions. Though she's happy for Sonya, it's clear Natasha is very unhappy about Andrei, and worried nothing will come of it.

I'm worried about the match that Nikolai is making and what will happen to the family. Will something swoop in and save them?

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