Friday, April 9, 2010

Volume II, Book I, Chapter V

The duel!

Pierre shoots, after putting his left arm behind him to not hold the gun with it as well, and then bursts into sobs. He hits Dolokhov who can't believe it. Dolokhov then, sucking on snow and gritting his teeth, takes a shot at Pierre and misses, since he is allowed a shot. It's unclear if it's on purpose, to me.

Either way, Pierre runs off into the woods muttering to himself "death..lies" and other incomprehensible mutterings. So sad.

Dolokhov breaks down in the wagon on the way to his family's, saying his death will kill his mother. I still distrust him. He's such a bully. He's willing to kill, but when he is wounded there is no honor involved.

And really, you end up feeling sorry for Pierre that he had to go through this. He seems like a bit of a lummox, but a likeable one.

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