Monday, April 12, 2010

Volume II, Book I, Chapter VIII

Whoops!! Posted this yesterday on the wrong blog, so backdating, for anyone who might be reading - lol.

March 19, 1806. Everyone at Bald Hills is waiting as Liza is about to give birth. She tries to brush off the pains, saying it's the food, but it's clear she's in labor.

Interestingly, the whole house stays silent, as it's thought that talking about the birth makes the labor pains worse. So, everyone waits silently. Tikhon is sent for the old Prince at one point, and finding him asleep just kisses his shoulder and leaves the room. That's a sweet detail. There's a mid-wife and they're all waiting for the doctor.

Marya believes she sees the doctor coming - a carriage with lanterns, and goes down to meet him, but it's Andrei! He's alive! And, of course, in the nick of time. I love that.

And this little detail as Andrei is coming closer footsteps in warm boots could be heard. Excellent detail - who but the Russians (or a really cold climate) would know the sounds of warm boots?

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