Saturday, April 24, 2010

Volume II, Book II, Chapter IV

Pierre and the Masons. It's the rest of the initiation. HE is led into a room blindfolded, unmasked with swords pointed at him, re-blindfolded, and unblindfolded again. He's made to swear an oath. He's also given a trowel (to smooth over things), two pairs of mens' gloves and one of women's for his eventual "Lady Mason".

There is a moment when he has doubt, thinking this might all be done to him as a joke, but it passes as he sees how serious everyone is.

There are lots of symbols, which are explained.

I guess he's in the club. It seems like a complicated elementary school club, though I do know it's more. Initiations just seems slightly ridiculous to me for some reason. This one is solemn, and meaningful for Pierre. He feels joyous and light.

And I'm hoping Helene is still not his Lady Mason. He needs to get that property and income back as well. I think he'd be better with it.

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