Sunday, April 11, 2010

Volume II, Book I, Chapter VII

Back at Bald Hills with the old Prince, Princess Marya and the little Princess, Liza.

The old Prince Andrei receives the news in a letter from Kuzutov, which explains that he saw Andrei fall himself, but his body was not found, so he could still be alive. The old Prince doesn't believe it. Marya comes into his study (where he is at his lathe--I love this--and she conflates the sound of the wheel dying with the news for the rest of her life - lovely detail). The old Prince tells her the news, and she is overwhelmed with tears, and asks her father to weep with her. He tells her to go tell Liza.

Liza, meanwhile, is pregnant and shining inwardly (as pregnant women do). She tells Marya she has been crying for no reason off and on all day, and Marya doesn't have the heart to tell her. The old Prince, of course, doesn't either, so they just say the've got a bad feeling but no news. It's two months after the battle of Austerlitz, but that doesn't bug her, I suppose.

I really hope Andrei is still alive. And wierdly, I think Marya and Pierre might be an interesting match. Not going to happen, but just popped into my head.

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