Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Volume II, Book III, Chapter IX

So Pierre's back with Helene in Petersburg. She is the belle of society, where they say she is "witty as she is beautiful." Pierre, though, knows she's stupid, so he's kind of flummoxed at the whole thing. Men fall over themselves to come to her salon, and even when she says stupid things everyone thinks she's saying them jokingly.

Pierre meanwhile, is becoming a known figure as an eccentric. He does not care who is who, and will become embroiled in a conversation no matter who else is in the room. My kind of guy.

He has done all this work to discover the realm of the spirit, so Helene's popularity surprises him, but he is not annoyed by all the machinations. And we're told during this time he has more revelations and understandings.

I'm just bummed he's with Helene again. Oh, well.

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