Monday, June 14, 2010

Volume II, Book III, Chapter XV

So last night was the Tonys, which I haven't missed since I was 12, so that was the whole evening. Tonight, I made some cherry pies. Very Russian - they love their cherries, right? Who wouldn't? In season, they're exquisite. A farmer's market on Sunday sells them for $3 a quart, so I got 4 quarts. Two pies, and more left. And now there's cherry juice on my book. It's pretty lived-in at this point.

Anyhow, on to the ball!

Natasha at the ball. I won't give away much, but Natasha is overwhelmed and everyone is taken with her. "There are some like us, and some worse than us,"she thought. Through their guest, we get society's view of all the guests. Helene, of course, is captivating. Boris and Anatole (Helene's brother) are after the same millionaire girl. Pierre is a "tomfool", and Andrei, who he stops and talks to, is "running the whole show" and incredibly prideful, like his father. Natasha thinks he looks more handsome than before.

We know what the pride hides, of course, like Mr. Darcy. And the spoiler I read said that Pierre and Natasha were the central marriage. That can't be right. It's looking like no way to avoid Natasha and Andrei. Pierre's already married. And although Natasha's fond of Pierre, she's obviously smitten with Andrei.

The chapter ends noting how Andrei just turns from a woman while he's talking to her. I think he used to do that with his wife. The guest says she'd show him what for if her treated her that way. He doesn't suffer fools for sure.

I love these party scenes. They're so stuffed, and I love that they go on for chapters. More!

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