Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Volume II, Book III, Chapter XXII

SO, it's official, Natasha and Andrei are in love.

The first half of the chapter is Andrei visiting Natasha, and then her just ecstatic with her mother. Her mother's kind of doleful, but also happy and scared, and knows what's happening. It all feels very important.

Pierre, on the other hand, is completely miserable thinking about it. Andrei bursts into his study to tell Pierre how he feels, though Pierre knows. Pierre is so unhappy, but Andrei's happiness blinds him to it. It's very sweet, even when Pierre tells him that Natasha loves him as well, Andrei is starry eyed to the point that Pierre gets angry and shouts, "She loves you! I know it". ""The brighter Prince Andrei's fate seemed to him, the gloomier his own."

Tolstoy does this so well. His characters are just so human - understandable but surprising. It's a beautiful relationship he's building, and I'm excited for it. Natasha and Andrei seem fated at this point. And you can't help but be excited for them. But I love how we're also seeing how it's effecting everyone around them. Great stuff.

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