Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Volume 1, Book 1, Chapter VIII

It's a short one.

Basically, while the countess is annoyed at the story about the bear and ready for her guest to leave, her youngest daughter (with the same birthday), Natasha, runs in followed by two young children, a student, and a soldier. The soldier is the tall, blond son of Princess Drubetskoy (Boris); the student is Nikolai, dark and curly, Natasha's brother. T says she's at that point she's no longer a child, but not yet a young woman. On the balance. She and the other children are laughing and their energy collides with the adults. They work on behaving themselves, and Boris goes to get everything ready to leave with his mother as Natasha and the others leave the room.

So, introduction of Boris & Natasha. I don't know if there's a couple, but I love that they're introduced at the same time.

I love how T just keeps introducing more and more characters. And each one comes on with some kind of energy that changes the scene. Kind of fantastic.

You just know she's going to be important.

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