Friday, February 19, 2010

Volume i, Book I, Chapter XXV

Andrei off to war. This chapter is Andrei's goodbyes. He has a long conversation with his sister, including his unhappiness. She's afraid to bring it up, and gets red and splotchy evenly.

Marya gives him an icon that their grandfather wore in battle, and makes him promise to wear it. He does. And then another kind of comic line, which I loved -- Andrei tellas Marya that he is not haappy, and his wife is not happy. Marya says he should pray for love, as God will give him the love he does not feel for his wife. Andrei responds, "Yes--there's always that!. Ha.

He goes to his wife, who is gossiping about someone in Petersburg, and a story he's heard five times. She's busy with her reticule and her needlework. He goes to say goodbye to his father, establishes that if he has a son he would like him to be raised there by his father. Then he tells his wife goodbye, and she faints. He slips out.

Marya is still religious, and it's great how she says her father is so impractical for not believing since the truth is so obvious. Looks like Liza (Lise) is going to be unhappy for a time when it suits her, and the old man will be gruff. We'll see about Andrei.

On to Part II!

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