Saturday, February 13, 2010

Volume 1, Book I, Chapter XIX

This will be all plot:

Pierre is taken from the party by Anna Mikhailovna to his dying father. He falls asleep in the carriage. They enter through the back by rooms he never knew existed, right past where Vassily and Catiche are talking. He jumps and she gets up and slams the door. Pierre is figuring something is different. He walks into the anteroom outside of his father's chamber, and everyone treats him differently with much more respect - picking things up for him, offering him chairs, etc. He senses not to refuse.

Anna tells him she will look out for his interests. Vassily comes in and shakes his hand and sits with him. Anna comes out of the room and says it's time for extreme unction.

Wow - the way this chapter is written is wonderful for suspense. Through Pierre's POV we are a little lost, and unsure what's going on. It's clear in Anna and Vassily there are a couple of major game players. And it's clear what an oaf Pierre is, there is no other word. You wonder how he'll survive this, and seems very easily manipulated. One hopes he comes down on the right side of trust.

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