Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Volume I, Book II, Chapter V

Not much to this one, short and sweet. Staff Captain Kirsten is talking with Rostov, and telling him he must apologize to Bogdanych (Telyanin), since it seems he's called Rostov a liar (even though everyone knows he's telling the truth). Kirsten said it's all fine and good for him, he's new, somebody's adjutant, but some of them are in it for life and it will look bad if one of them is accused of stealing. Nikolai feels bad and is near tears and says it's all his fault, but he will not apologize. They say that Bogdanych will make his life hell.

Just then Zherkov enters and tells them that Mack has surrendered and they're on the march. He says that Mack complained about him and so he was sent away to tell them they have marching orders. And we know why he was offensive.

Nikolai tearing up reminds me of how emotional the Russians seem to be in literature and plays - yelling, crying, a completely different culture. Highly emotional. I'll have to keep that in mind when reading. It seems a little melodramatic, but I suppose it was true of the time.

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