Thursday, February 4, 2010

Volume 1, Book 1, Chapter X

So, had surgery, more lucid than I expected, and about to head to bed, so I'm making this short:

Sonya + Nikolai
Boris + Natasha

Natasha waits in a room for Boris, then hides and overhears Nikolai pledge his undying love for the cat-like Sonya.

Natasha calls Boris in to tell him ostensibly, but really just to ask him to kiss her. He doesn't since she's too young, but does tell her he loves her, and will ask for her hand in 4 years when she's 17. He says, "Settled", she says "Settled" and then she says "Forever? Till death?"

He doesn't answer, but they walk arm in arm. Why do I feel like that's a bad omen?

I thought Sonya was the name of the cat in "Peter and The Wolf". It's not - it's Ivan. Sonya's the duck. Still a good cat name, though.

And if you haven't seen this version of Peter and the Wolf, short film, check it out. It won the Oscar in 2008, and it's wonderful:

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